Perishable Air

Perishable Air - GVI Services

Temperature-sensitive goods. Urgent deadlines. Valuable commodities.

When you’re working with perishables, you face a unique set of critical challenges. That’s where the specialised experience of GVI Logistics Ltd, comes in.

We know that claims avoidance is critical. So we partner with Customers to develop customised processes that maximise control. We know your goods require special handling. That’s why we commit to handling your products with the utmost care at all times.

We know these are high value shipments, and maintaining the cool-chain, is critical.

GVI Logistics Ltd will commit to learning the ins and outs of your business. We’ll create a customised program to meet your precise transportation and logistics needs, whether it’s a critical shipment of meat to Europe, fish to Los Angeles or Lobster to Hong Kong. We’ll make it happen, we’ll meet your deadline.

GVI account managers understand the urgency of your business. With GVI we’ll help you, ship anything anywhere in the world, with greater confidence, speed and control.

Dedicated Exports

Logistics support teams are always accessible for your urgent or routine requirements.

Our specialists help you evaluate your shipping options to maintain the timing in your supply chain and the profit in your margins.

Experienced with pertinent government regulations and compliance issues.

On-Time Performance

In case of emergency call GVI, we’ll get your critical shipments moving fast.

Fully automated Customs Brokerage services, with personalised attention to perishables.

Total Control

Single point of contact for better control and complete accountability.

Regulatory compliance, across international borders.

From flowers and fruit to meat and seafood, you can trust your temperature-sensitive products to the GVI experts. Our new facility boasts 15,069 square feet of Chiller/Freezer space.