Ports of Auckland Closure

At around 03:45 this morning a Ports of Auckland straddle carrier working in the container terminal tipped over.  The driver was seriously injured and is in hospital.

At this stage Ports of Auckland do not know the cause of the incident and a full investigation is underway.

Straddle operations have stopped and Fergusson Container Terminal and Empty yard remain closed.  Ports of Auckland do not yet know when operations will re-start, but have said that straddle operations will remain suspended until at least 07:00 on Tuesday 28 August

Operations at Multi-cargo are not affected.

Ports of Auckland are endeavouring to restart empty hoist operations at the On Dock/Link Facility later today and will advise in due course when this might be achieved. 

Please do not send any trucks to Fergusson Terminal or the Empty Yard until asked to do so.

All VBS for today will be cancelled and Ports of Auckland will work with affected Carriers regarding any demurrage incurred over this time once they know when operations can resume.