We Value

As a team we share important values that ensure our business partners experience the best possible service. 

The core values we share include being Built by New Zealand, People, Quality and Integrity.


1.Built by NZ1.People1.Quality1.Integrity

Built by New Zealand

We're 100% owned and operated by New Zealanders, built by New Zealand.

Our kiwi culture filters through in everything we do, our team has a great can-do attitude and unrivalled problem solving abilities.

Our size and structure provides us with unique abilities to adapt and innovate to changing needs and tailor logistics solutions to individual requirements.


1.Built by NZ


People are at the core of everything we do. We work hard to build close business relationships with our clients, suppliers and agents allowing us to gain a strong understanding of their business and individual requirements.

The safety and well-being of our team, contractors and visitors to our sites is strongly valued, we continously work together to improve the safety at our sites and minimise risk.

A strong focus on teamwork internally between our teams and externally with clients, suppliers and agents allows us to efficiently achieve our goals and help our clients and partners reach theirs.




Quality is a strong focus at GVI Logistics, we're continuously scrutinizing areas that we can improve and constantly look for ways to add value to our services for our clients and partners.

With this strong focus on continuous improvement we're constantly making small and meaningful changes resulting in gradual improvements in everything we do. We achieve these improvements through collaboration with our teams and partners to result in an efficient quality-focused service.




We pride ourselves on performing business in an honest, open and trustworthy manner.

We provide complete transparency in the services that we deliver, providing our business partners with certainty that their goods are being cared for professionally from pick-up to delivery.