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Air NZ Cargo Acceptance Times

Please see below notice from Air New Zealand Cargo, regarding Cargo Acceptance Times.

Over recent months there has been a number of occasions where cargo has been delivered late to the Air NZ Cargo operation and was unable to be accepted for flight.

While Air NZ Cargo strives to work with our customers to meet the Exporters needs Cargo acceptance times will be strictly adhered to. At periods of the day where it is expected that traffic flow will be higher than normal your drivers will need to allow additional time to travel to the Air NZ site and unload your cargo.

On time acceptance means the cargo is unloaded and accepted with the appropriate paperwork checked prior to the close of the acceptance window. Acceptance times may vary for each Airline.

What if I am onsite prior to acceptance close and you are busy unloading someone else's freight?

We acknowledge at peak times there may be some congestion on our site and drivers should allow for additional waiting time. In the event your driver was onsite well prior to the cut off window they should make themselves known to the Air NZ employee operating the dock who will endeavour to prioritise the unloading of their cargo however this cannot be guaranteed and would be dependent on what other activity is on the dock. Additional time should be allowed for times when terminal congestion is high.