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Air NZ Data Logger Requirements

The following notice has been received from Air New Zealand in regard to the carriage of temperature loggers and tracking devices on Air New Zealand services.

This is effective immediately.

The main points are:

  • Any devices must be on the approved list
  • GVI Logistics must advise Air New Zealand at the time of booking that loggers are included in the shipment.
  • The device type (logger or tracker), make and model must be noted on the Airwaybill (AWB).
  • Cell or battery type must also be noted on the AWB.
  • Cell or battery type must also be noted on the AWB.
  • If the loggers you currently use are not listed you may submit an approval request to Air New Zealand Cargo standards through GVI Logistics.

When bookings are made by yourselves to GVI Logistics you will need to notify us if any devices are to be included in the shipment.

We will need to know what model and type any loggers that are included are when the cargo is received into our store. 

If you are going to use the same model of logger for all shipments please advise us of the model and type and we will hold that on file and use that info for all shipments.

It is probable that other airlines will follow Air New Zealand's lead, we will keep you informed of further developments as we are notified.

If you have any questions please get in touch with one of the team.



Data Loggers and Tracking Devices travelling on Air New Zealand services


Dear Valued Customer,


With the increase in temperature sensitive cargo being shipped globally, there was a requirement to review the current list of approved data loggers and the process for approving these. A risk review has taken place and in conjunction with our Star Alliance partners (SQ & UA), the following approved data loggers are listed below.

Approved Data Loggers and Tracking Devices list

7PSolutions GD100 

Moog Crossbow ILC2000 (GPS)

7PSolutions GL200-Tracker

OnAsset Sentinel 100 (GPS)

7PSolutions GL300

OnAsset Sentry 400 FlightSafe

BeOn A1

OnAsset Sentry 500 FlightSafe

CalAmp SC Ion Bluetooth Tag

Roambee (The Bee)

CalAmp SC 1000/10004

RoamBee “BeeSense Air’ aka Bee Sense Flight Safe Tracking Device Model BL-NL-CC-3

CalAmp SC 110/1102

RoamBee “BeeSense” Tracking Device Model BB-SEC-1

Carta Sense U-Sensor 100115

RoamBee “BeeSense” Tracking Device Model BB-TPH-1

Carta Sense U-Sensor/CCM

RoamBee “BeeSense” Tracking Device Model RMBU_3GTR


Schenker Airfreight Smartbox

Controlant EHF Model CO 10.01

Sendum PT3000 (GPS)

Controlant Saga

SenseAwareSM 1000 (FedEx)

Cubic Global Sentinel-5B

SenseAwareSM 2000 (FedEx)

Cubic Global Sentinel-5L

SenseAware 2000 (FedEx)

Cubic Mesh Asset Tag RSU-3

SenseAware 3000 (FedEx)

DataLong16 DL 16-08-GS-A

SenseAware PT300D (FedEx)

Emerson Model GO

Sensitech TempTale Ultra 16K

FedEx ID Node 2

Sensitech TempTale Altra 64K


Sensitech TempTale4

Hanhaa Limited Parcelive tracker HY000002-00

SkyCell SavySensor Model 800

Hanhaa Limited Parcelive tracker HY000002-01

Tive 7100

Intel CLP

Tive Inc TT-4000

Kirsen A-Type

US Postal Inspection Service PT-200

Locus Traxx Go

ZillionSense Tracking Device

Air Waybill Documentation

Should the shipment include any monitoring device, the shipper must:

  • ensure it is on the ‘Approved Data Loggers and Tracking Devices’ list
  • Agent to advise at time of booking when a device is being carried
  • include the following information in the handling section on the air waybill

- device type e.g. Tracker
- make and model e.g. Sendum PT3000
- cell or battery type e.g. lithium ion

Our acceptance staff (or our agent) shall ensure that the Air Waybill is endorsed with the data logger information and it is on the approved list. Data Loggers are not subject to the documentation and marking requirements of Packing Instruction 967 or 970 or the Air New Zealand Lithium Battery Checklist. Refer Special Provision 220 of the IATA DGR.

Approval process
If the Data Logger or Tracking device is not on the approved list the manufacturer is to complete and submit an ‘Approval Request’ form and submit to Air New Zealand Cargo Standards and Safety, via your local Air New Zealand contact. If any documents are not supplied or references are unclear or omitted the device will not be approved.

This process can be found on the Air New Zealand website.

Note: This process may take up to two weeks



Air New Zealand Cargo Sales Team