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Cargo Embargo at Narita Airport

Update: This embargo has now been removed as at 20 September 2018.

There is currently an embargo on cargo terminating at Narita Airport (NRT).

The situation at NRT is caused by the unavailability of KIX cargo facilities caused by Typhoon Jebi.  

This has impacted all cargo operations in Japan and an over-capacity issue at NRT, resulting in a request that all customer airlines cease sending goods to NRT.

At this stage we have not been advised as to when this embargo will be lifted.

Air New Zealand has advised that in the interim, HND will operate as scheduled and there is currently no embargo in place for cargo terminating at HND. As such regular customers are invited to rebook on NZ91.

NZ91 operates on days 3, 5 & 7 and departs at 2200 and arrives 0555 +1; please contact your account manager if you require a HND rate to be set up.