New Site - Timberly Road

Our new Transitional Facility at Timberly Road in Auckland is complete and the site is now operational. This new facility is additional to our existing Auckland site at Laurence Stevens Drive and RMP compliant.

Our new Timberly Road facility consists of a 1080m2 coldstore and 1000m2 drystore and will be used primarily for produce imports. Combined with our Laurence Stevens site this gives us 7400m2 of warehouse space within 2km of the airline terminals in Auckland, 3400m2 of this space are temperature-controlled areas.      

The energy efficient, state of the art refrigeration plant powers 4 large cool-rooms and an environmental loading area capable of variable running temperatures ranging between 0 to 10 degrees. The new facility also contains a custom built, environmentally friendly precooler system utilising variable speed drive technology and energy efficient electric motors. This allows us to offer long term storage or pre-cool options as required, across a range of perishable products.

In addition to the cool-rooms and ELA we have built a “best in class” MPI inspection room enabling GVI Logistics to provide a full suite of services to NZ produce importers.

We’re proud to announce this new facility also allows us to perform best practice onsite recaptured methyl bromide fumigation, the first of its kind in New Zealand. Recapturing methyl bromide prevents ozone layer depletion and is a safer practice for all involved when compared with standard methyl bromide fumigation where hazardous methyl bromide is released into the atmosphere.

Using the latest technology the site is supported with 24/7 temperature and CCTV monitoring.

GVI Logistics is a proud Kiwi owned and operated company built by New Zealand, People, Quality and Integrity. Our investment in our new Timberly Rd facility demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible service to our business partners.

Export Loading Area ELAAKT ELA

MPI Inspection RoomIMG 2210

Fumigation ContainerFumigation