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Requirements for Indonesian Container Imports

Effective immediately all containers from Indonesia will be subject to a 6-sided inspection and a supervised devan.

You may have seen a number of news stories in the media about the Foot and Mouth outbreak in Indonesia. In response to this biosecurity risk MPI has now introduced additional measures for all containers from Indonesia.

Please see explicit instructions from MPI regarding containers ex-Indonesia:

If you import containers from Indonesia, you will be emailed a Biosecurity Authority Clearance Certificate (BACC) stating 'Indonesia FCL (or FAK) verification. External inspection/6-sided and supervised unpacking required. To be unpacked under direct supervision of an MPI inspector by an Authorised Person (AP). Container is not be opened until the MPI Border Clearance Inspector is present’.

This instruction may result in time delays for all containers originating from Indonesia due to MPI inspection resource limitations. Although MPI have stated there will be no costs on-charged for these inspections, there may be additional handling and transport costs depending on your supply chain

The Key Priority for MPI is keeping foot and mouth out of New Zealand and the support of the importing community is greatly appreciated.

BACC responses will now be received directing this inspection and GVI Logistics staff or your own warehouse operation (if applicable) should contact your Regional MPI office to arrange the inspection.

A Quarantine Officer must be present at the opening of the sea container alongside an Accredited Person(s). You will not be charged for these inspections.

We will continue to keep you informed with any further updates.

If you have any specific concerns please feel free to reach out to your GVI Logistics representative.